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Manipulated sound composer R. Weis’ new 7-track EP is The Reaper & Me, created in mid- 90s New York City when the AIDS epidemic was profound. Weis was an East Village resident and his many experiences with sickness, death, grief, survival, and the supernatural inspired these songs. Previously unreleased and newly mastered, The Reaper & Me will be available February 3, 2024, on Apple Music, Spotify and many other streaming services.

The tracks include an attempt to communicate with the dead (“Message to Charly”), a conversation with Death itself (“The Reaper & Me”), and one that’s upbeat to disguise feelings of being overwhelmed (“Acid & Acrobat”). A cricket - which had entered Weis' apartment via flowers intended to lift his mood - is the source for “Swamp Thing.” While living through what seemed like a never-ending plague, Weis imagined society returning to Medieval times and composed “Backward into 2000.”

“When deciding on a release date for these vintage tracks, it felt appropriate to choose the dead of winter – the mid-point of the deadest season,” says Weis.

The 7 tracks are created entirely from original samples of an Andean flute, bells, harmonica, aluminum takeout container, and a table knife, among others. Weis’ interest in African divination is also represented with samples of antique tribal instruments including a wooden Olifant, Chokwe xylophone, rattles, a 3-string Bamana guitar, and a thumb piano.

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