Poetry & Monologues

Player has recordings of live performances of four poems/monologues excerpted from the 1989 WBAI Pacifica Radio Program "Thought and Noise".

1. Next Door Neighbor (written on seeing first news reports of killer bees entering the USA, circa 1984).
2. The Big Forest
3. One Moment Rain
4. Untitled Sonnet

Poetry & Monologues

Poetry (some with manipulated cassette tape) by R. Weis presented at Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, New York City -- various dates 1984 to 1987

La MaMa Galleria, New York City – various dates 1985 to 1987

ABC No Rio, New York City – various dates 1985

Folk City, New York City – Sept. 12, 1984

Selections heard on WBAI FM Pacifica Radio, New York City (2-part program featuring work of R. Weis called “Thought and Noise”) -- Oct. 13 & 27, 1989

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