Dog Choir

"Have Some Style -- Three concertists who do not lack style, one soloist who barks his sonatas.  Better than "Pop Star", Spot, Dot, Bark, Pepper and Puppy today find themselves at the head of a peculiar box office: that of dog songs.  The visit takes place with a musical background, a Dog Choir, created by R. Weis, a poet and composer who specializes in sampling and manipulating sounds."

LeFigaro, Paris, 7/31/2003

"Grand Opening -- The Singing Dogs.  The climax of this homage rendered to the most faithful companion of man is the "Dog Choir" from the artist R. Weis, poet specializing in recording and manipulation of sound.  Three Jack Russell Terriers and a Chihuahua accompany the soloist, a husky puppy named Juba, composing a highly-uplifting musical "collage" which has a place of choice amongst the events of summer."

Paris Capitale Magazine, Paris, summer 2003

"This is probably the most original and amusing exhibit of the summer in Paris.  Be the judge yourself:  Savannah College of Art and Design presents in the very elegant Mona Bismarck Foundation a series of photographs, paintings, installations, jewels, and dresses happily delirious and created especially for this manifestation by American plasticians in honor of dogs.  The apotheosis of this exhibit: a musical choir where the soloists are no less than our four-legged companions!", summer 2003

"The students of SCAD love dogs and prove it in this exhibit which shows a surprising mixture of their creations (dog fashion, furniture for dogs, installations).  Photos from Sandy Skoglund, Tennyson, Wegman (a whole room is dedicated to Wegman) as well as paintings (Nolan, Xie) complete the exhibit, which you visit while listening to a Dog Choir, conceived by R. Weis.  Our appreciation: Three Woof Woofs, obviously."

Le Nouvel Observateur de Paris Ile-de-France, summer 2003

"For viewers who like musical accompaniment when they are looking at art, SCAD commissioned a "Dog Choir" of multi-toned barking, howling and tag-rattling from California-based sound collage artist R. Weis.  The score has a cutting-edge wit that the French like to call 'delirant' which means delirious."

The Campus Chronicle, Savannah College of Art & Design, summer 2003

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