“It seems to us that Victoriana by R. Weis has much in common with Variations for a Door and a Sigh (1963) by Pierre Henry (born 1927).  In the same way Henry affirms that “the door itself can become a musical instrument to be played like any other instrument… it plays arpeggios, scales, tremolos,” Weis composes a work where the old doors of his Victorian house were the “Divas” of his composition stating that “Victoriana is made with four samples of four doors.”  Without a doubt, two unique compositions in their language and timbre, in which the interpreter’s role is diluted and the work itself takes center stage.”

Revista Prodiemus (Spain), Special Edition 2011 “Paisajes Sonoros”

“Upon entering the exhibition, one is aurally lured to the cellar by “Victoriana,” an installation of manipulated found sound by composer R. Weis.  It’s surprising that the melodically pleasing, hour-long composition, which intensifies in speed and complexity, grew out of only 15 seconds of raw sound material (creaking and slamming doors) recorded in the artist’s 19th-century Pittsburgh house.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/10/2009

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